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While you probably think of your furry friend as a valued member of your family, you might forget that not everyone likes pets.

More people than you think are not keen on allowing pets inside the home. Some prospective buyers object to pets for hygiene reasons or because they have serious allergies. Other people are simply inexperienced with or downright fearful of animals, especially dogs, which inadvertently makes viewing your home a nerve-wracking experience.

Bottom line: a home that previously had pets is an automatic “No” for some prospective buyers. While this may be hard to accept, you must tackle this issue if you want your home to appeal to as many people as possible.

Here are three solutions to minimize the impact of your pet’s presence on your home’s appeal.

1. Get Rid Of Stains And Odor.
Hygiene is one of the most common reasons why prospective buyers object to pets. But as any pet owner knows, accidents are bound to happen at some point. If they aren’t cleaned up promptly and properly, these little accidents can cause permanent damage to your flooring or turn corners and entire rooms into a health hazard.

For a buyer, these are very legitimate concerns.

More to the point, our sense of smell can have a powerful emotional effect. Once someone has had even the slightest whiff of pet odor, getting them to like your home enough to make an offer may become that much harder.

Getting rid of stains and odor should be your first priority. Thoroughly clean and sanitize litter boxes or potty pads as often as possible; and keep them somewhere they can’t be seen or smelled. Also, check your home thoroughly for any pet stains and get a professional to remove them if they are impossible to do yourself. If they can’t be removed, consider replacing the affected area with new carpet or flooring.

2. Repair Any Damage.
Damage to your home is an inevitable part of owning even the most well-behaved pet. At the end of the day, pets are animals, and an active, happy animal will move around your home freely and use things the way they want to. Fluffy might prefer your sofa to her brand new scratching post, or maybe Rufus will decide your dining room chair tastes much better than his ratty chew toy.

You may be willing to overlook the damage and even find your pet’s behavior endearing, but many prospective buyers are unlikely to have a similar view. Damages make your home look dingy, and buyers will see them as adding unnecessary costs to the home.

Avoid potential issues by repairing any damage before you start showing your home. While the cost of making these repairs can add up, it will definitely pay off by making your home that much more presentable.

3. Give Your Pets Space During The Selling Process.
By “space,” we mean that your pets should ideally be out of sight, away from any buyers. Removing your pet from your home is good for prospective buyers, you, and your pet.

Having strangers in the home is stressful for your pet. You never know when your pet might act out by biting or scratching someone, which could make things unpleasant and expensive for you. Having pets out of sight also declutters your home, which allows buyers to visualize themselves living in the home.

Even though it sounds drastic, consider relocating your pet while your home is on the market. If this isn’t possible, get your pet out of the house during viewings or send them to a nice kennel or pet spa during open houses. Coordinate with your real estate agent so that viewings are held while you’re all out of the house. Don’t forget to remove other telltale signs of your pet’s presence, such as toys, beds, and photos, to reduce clutter.

A Final Word

Of course, a prospective buyer might still ask you outright whether you have a pet, in which case you should reply truthfully. That being said, by repairing damages, getting rid of odors, and removing your pet’s clutter, you will find it much easier to convince buyers that your home is a clean, fresh-smelling, and desirable place to live.

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